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Comfort DIY Installation Video

Youtube Comfort user ‘Some House IT’ has started a video diary of his Comfort Pro to Ultra upgrade installation. we’ll add more of his videos here as they are available.   He says: “This is my new installed alarm panel, I didn’t video the installation as I had enough to do wiring up this new…

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Comfort Security Partitions by Code Now Available!

Security System Partitions The Comfort security system can now support up to 4 Partitions, ie which is like 4 security systems with independent arming and disarming, entry zones, keypads and users. This is suitable for villas with separate entrances for a flat, or a garage, or in an office with separate store entrance. (see below for…

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SmartThings / Raspberry Pi / Echo / Alexa (UPNP Beta)

The alphaWerks Universal Home Automation Interface (UHAI) is an interface between SmartThings and third party ‘Internet of Things’ IoT devices. This work is currently in Beta and is supplied ‘as is’, no guarantees are implied. The interface is being developed in two variants. 1. Community Edition. This version is aimed to be used by Cytech Comfort…

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TSM01 LCD Temperature Sensor Module (New!)

The TSM01 Temperature sensor Module is able to monitor the temperature in Heating or cooling mode and to activate the alarm if the temperature setpoint is exceeded. This can be used to send SMS messages to max 8 mobile phones (using the UCM/GSM) TSM01 with White Glass Frame TSM01 with Aluminium (plastic) frame TSM01 with…

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UCM/Logic Controller Module (New!)

UCM/Logic The UCM/Logic is just like a UCM but it acts like a Controller. Think of it as a Comfort wthout Inputs and Outputs,  alarm, telephone or Voice. You can plug in RS232, Ethernet, or USB submodule directly to it,. with ETH03 it cannects to the network and can use our android or iOS apps…

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Intelligent RIO Automation (New!)

Intelligent RIO Automation (Remote Input/output) This is a new product for Automation only which can be in a system or standalone What does the IRIO do? The IRIO handles the automation functions in Comfort in  way that is easier to program and reduces wiring.  Instead of programming Responses and actions, Functions are selected, and mapped…

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Introduction to Comfort (Videos)

A brief introduction to some of the functions of the Cytech Comfort Intelligent home System. These videos are a few years old and since then touchscreen applications have been developed for local use by smartphones and tablets, however, the audio menus still exist and are accessible from internal and external phones.

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