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a. Comfort Installations can fall into the category of the jurisdictions of the following types of technical bodies: Alarm Inspectorate Councils, Police Authorities, National Security Standards Authorities, Electrical Standards Authorities. In the UK, installations should be carried out ‘ONLY’ by skilled and qualified ‘professionals’, and shall conform to British Standard 4737 and comply with Police Force Policy and Noise Pollution Acts.

b. Where the fixed supply of electricity to the installation is required, it is mandatory for an Electrician or suitably qualified and ‘competent’ person to provide a fused spur next to the control panel location in full compliance with Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (EAWR), BS7671 and sections 12,13 and 16 of the 16th Edition of IEE wiring Regulations, who shall issue a Certificate of Testing to these Regulations.

c. Electrical supplys to the site of the installation should have passed test’s for continuity of protective conductors, ring final circuit conductors, circuit polarity, insulation resistance and earth fault loop impedance. Consult your Electrician to carry-out these tests and to issue the aforementioned Certificate of Testing.

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