Comfort UCM/USB for programming Comfort (IR learner)

The Universal Communications Modules allows Comfort to connect via RS232 interface, USB or Local Area network to a computer or external equipment. The UCM/USB has a USB interface for connection to the USB port of a PC. The UCM/USB is supported by Comfigurator 3.0.0 onwards. UCM sub-modules:


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Product Description


  1. UCM06 is the baseboard to which RS232/F, R232/M USB01, ETH01 daughter boards can be added to make up UCM/232, UCM/USB and UCM/ETH01respectively. The UCM06 allows the flexibility of using different interfaces by plugging in the appropriate daughter board;
  2. USB01 daughter board. Plugs onto UCM06 to make UCM/USB.
  3. ETH03 daughter board. Plugs onto UCM06 to make UCM/ETH3.
  4. RS232/M and RS232/F daughter board with Male and Female RS232 connectors respectively. Plugs onto UCM06 to make UCM/232M and UCM/232F.

The UCM/USB, /ETH03 and /232 have the following common functions:

  • It allows configuration on the U2 EEPROM on the UCM to be transferred to Comfort. This is a useful tool when programming, testing or troubleshooting Comfort installations.
  • The Comfigurator software requires the UCM to read and write the configuration file to Comfort.
  • It allows a PC or other controller to communicate with Comfort allowing third party products or software (e.g. Wizcomfort) to work with Comfort. The Comfort command protocol can be requested from for the purpose of development of third party interfaces or software.
  • It also allows Infrared signals to be learned and saved as .ifr files which can be assigned to Comfort IR codes via Comfigurator.
  • Allows other Flash-based Comfort and UCM firmware to be upgraded using Comfigurator Firmware Upgrade.
  • Comfort Voice/Vocabulary (new version of language) can be written to Comfort using Comfigurator.


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