Comfort II ULTRA Control Panel, CPU, EN03

Comfort, the Intelligent Home Automation and Security System from Cytech Technology. Comfort is an integrated Security and Home Automation System including a digital answering machine with 8 personal mailboxes. Besides protecting your home and family day and night, Comfort is also easy and fun to use.


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Product Description

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    • Comfort is a state-of-the art Intruder alarm system which not only warns of burglary and fire, but also lets you listen to your home during alarms, monitors activity of elderly persons, informs you at the office when your children return home, and can call any combination of 8 telephones, Monitoring Stations, or send SMS messages (UCM/GSM required*) depending on which alarm is triggered.


    • Comfort supports external interfaces to X10, C-Bus, EIB/KNX, Velbus, Heatmiser, Dynalite, Rako, Lutron, Z-Wave, third party protocols and products (with the right interface, just click the links).


    • Comfort talks to you in a clear human voice through the Keypads, any phone in the premises or any outside phone, through a comprehensive Voice menu system.


    • Comfort is an advanced digital Answering Machine with up to 8 personal mailboxes which even can call your mobile phone when a new message for your mailbox is recorded.


    • Comfort is a practical Home Automation System which allows you to control your lighting, HVAC (home, ventilation, air conditioning) or home or office appliances via telephone, keypad, time program, or when triggered by Events.


    • Comfort’s Keypads* with one-touch arming keys and short-cut keys make it easy to operate the system, and double as intercoms for communications within the premises.


    • Comfort’s Door Station* intercom rings your home phones when you are at home, and calls you on your mobile phone when you are away, and can even take a message from visitors.


    • Comfort keypads can be used as Baby Monitors.


    • Reminder Messages can ring the phone or call your mobile phone to remind you of regular events or even act as an alarm clock.


    • Time Programs can automatically switch off lights and appliances or arm the security system or perform many other functions at programmed times.


    • Comfort can be controlled from the RC01 handheld remote control* or any universal learning remote control.


    • Comfort’s Scene Control Switches* can be programmed to activate scenes, e.g Movie, Sleep, Entertain, Study.


    • Comfort can be controlled and monitored from your computer on the Local Area Network, RS232 or USB port using the Wiz Comfort software (for Windows) through the Universal Communications Module (UCM) USB, RS232 serial or ETH interface.


If you have no insurance compliance needed or are self-installing the Comfort EN01 may be used instead.


The Comfort II Ultra Control Panel is a unique security/home automation system, supplied with an enclosure EN03 measuring 358 x 375 x 94 mm with lid and base tamper switches, transformer, User Manual and Quick Reference Card.


The Comfort panel requires a 12V 7 Amp sealed lead acid battery* and at least one keypad to be a working panel. This larger EN03 enclosure allows more room for expansion inside than the standard model, but if the installation space is limited then the standard size enclosure may be the best choice. You would scale the system up by then adding a UCM/USB or UCM/ETH3 to program the system via Comfigurator software, additional keypads or a doorphone and then UCM interface to the relevant lighting system of your choice, Zwave, X10, C-Bus, KNX etc the latter two may need the help of an electrical integrator .

Technical Support
Should you need online support, there is a very helpful forum here:

The Firmware is the Micro-controller program that determines the operation and function of Comfort. The firmware from Comfort II version 5.100 onwards can be changed in order to upgrade the functionality of the firmware when there are new features introduced in Comfort, or to correct errors or bugs in the firmware. Firmware can be upgraded using the UCM and Comfigurator software. When bugs in the firmware have been identified, Cytech will provide new firmware upgrades incorporating changes to eliminate them. Cytech also provides firmware to enhances the functionality of the system or to add more useful features. Firmware upgrades may be available for download from from time to time.

Comfort includes a built-in digital answering machine. Messages are stored in non-volatile semiconductor memory which is maintained even if Comfort was switched off and the battery disconnected for several years. Up to 8 mailboxes can be set up for different members of the family, with access using each user’s individual user code ensuring privacy for mailboxes. Alternatively, a common mailbox can be set up with all users having access to the common messages by using their own user code. The mailboxes have a combined capacity of 10 minutes of recorded messages, with a maximum of 128 messages. The answering machine has advanced features not normally found in a stand-alone answering machine, like forwarding of new messages to mobile phones, auto-erase of the oldest saved messages when mailbox is full, recording of internal memo messages to any mailbox, and call screening via keypad.


Comfort is able to ring the home phone and give a chime on the keypads or call telephone to remind you about appointments, to take medicine, watch your favorite TV program or any other events. When you pick up the phone, the reminder message that you recorded previously will be heard. You may also press a key on the keypad when it gives the characteristic Reminder chime tone to hear the message. Up to 8 Reminder Messages can be programmed at a time.


Comfort has Time Programs to perform automatic tasks, including automatic arming at night, automatic disarming, turning off lights and appliances etc. Each Time Program can be programmed for any combination of days of the week and holiday, and at any time of the day. The action performed by each Time Program (Response) is predetermined by programming it usinh Comfogurator software. ou may change the programmed time and days of week, or turn it on or off via keypads.

* Additional purchase required


If you have technical ability and would like to install Comort yourself, please visit our design guide page and download all the below documents which will take you though the main elements needed to make a functiong system. Comfort is very modular and so can be installed as a security alarm first and then expanded using UCM interfaces to the sub systems such as lighting, gate, curtain control and doorphones etc

Comfort Ultra 2 Compatability (Gen.2)

9 -16 zones
9 -24 zones*
17 – 64 zones
3 x SEM02/M2
with 3 x LEM02-M2
All other Comfort modules are fully
compatible with both G1 and G2 Panels
* If LEM03-M2 is used you are limited to max. 24 zones and 8 outputs.

Feature Overview

  • 8 Inputs/8 Outputs expandable to 96 Inputs/96 Outputs via Slaves and LEM’s
  • Addtional 120 Inputs/120 Outputs via RIO/SCS
  • 6 Control groups, each with 10 device menus, each with 10 actions
  • Full Duplex Intercom between Phones and Keypad/Door Stations (KP03,
    KP06 and DP03X-WI)
  • 1023 Responses with 8 bytes per Response for programming
  • 600 Events in Event Log
  • 4096 Bytes for Infrared transmit codes (approx 120 IR codes)
  • 256 User Counters
  • 64 User Flags
  • 64 User Timers
  • 43 Time Programs
  • 16 Reminder Messages
  • Supports Remote Input/Output (RIO) and Scene Control Switch (SCS)
    for further expansion
  • Compliant with EN50131-1/PD6662 /BS8243


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    Comfort Ultra II is NOT compatible with the following Generation 1 products:
    RGR03, LEM01, LEM03, for correct operation alternative Generation 2 products must be used on Comfort II, namely RGR05 ringer, LEM01-M2 and LEM03-M2,
    Both G1 and M2 SEP01 Expansion panels may be used with Ultra G2but
    make sure that the correct LEM01 is used
    Existing productsSEP01/M2 ,SEP01/EN03RIO-01,
    DP01, DP02, DP03, KP01-06, IR and UCM products may all be used with Comfort
    G2 range.
    Getting Started with Comfort: Comfort Support Forum.
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    charge Tax, so the price you see is the price you will pay resulting in lower prices! Payment may be made using any credit card through Paypal, no account is needed

Additional Information

Weight 5000 g


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