Comfort ZWave Radio Interface – EU 868Mhz (G2 Only)

The UCM/ZWAVE module allows the Comfort system to send commands to and from Z-Wave Network.
The Comfort system supports integration to Z-Wave devices via the UCM/Z-Wave module.


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Product Description

The UCM/Z-Wave interface provides a connection to the Z-Wave network, enabling control of Z-Wave devices, providing the following benefits:

* telecontrol and status monitoring through any telephone inside or outside the premises to control devices on the Z-Wave Network
* allows control from Comfort’s keypads including the KT01 touchscreen keypad.
* allows control by Time Programs.
* allows alarm inputs and alarm conditions to be linked to Z-Wave switches for integration of alarm and lighting.

The UCM/Zwave is a two-way interface i.e. it allows Comfort to send commands to the Zwave network,(up to 232 addresses), and also gets feedback on the state of Z-wave devices it controls and is able to associate with buttons on the Z-Wave remote control and other controllers. The UCM/Zwave3 is the 3rd generation of Comfort’s Z-wave interface.

UCM Z-wave Manual (v3.03 PDF)

Z-Wave Suppliers

Additional Information

Weight 300 g


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