Cytech DS01 Colour Audio/Video Door Station Bundle


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Product Description

Door Station DS01, Alluminium, Audio and Colour Video. Flush Mounted Description : Door Station DS01, Steel, Audio with Mono Camera, spker, mic and doorbell push.

The DS01 bundle includes a DM02 Door Station Interface to communicate with Comfort and a mono camera which can connect to internal TV or distributed video network such as ProVisPro. For additional security, only the speaker and microphone are outside the house in the DS01 for better security and protection of Comfort from damage.

This doorphone has hidden powers, it is part of the Comfort Integrated Security System and It has an intelligence like no other. When your alarm system is unset, and a visitor presses the button, many things will happen. First the speaker inside the property will produce a two-tone sound.

This is then followed by a ringing of the telephones within the property alerting the attention of the owner. You can then pick-up your ‘normal’ house telephone and speak to your visitor. You can open the door or gate to let the visitor in. The doorphone can record a message from your visitor and play it back upon your return. the button could even be used to switch a camera view to the TV, start the VCR recording and even switch of the vacuum cleaner or mute the HI-FI so you can hear it!

Dial-out Doorphone

Now this really is unique and also very useful. If the owner is away from home and a visitor presses the doorphone button, the usual sound will be heard but this time the Comfort system will call-up the owner on his/her mobile.The owner answers the phone and hears a recorded name of his/her house, this is so they know which one of their doorphone has dialled-out.The voice menu system now gives the instruction “press 1 for doorphone”, you guessed it, now the owner can speak to the visitor just like being inside the house.

DECT Phone Link-up

Now, because the system links to a standard domestic telephone, it follows that you can use a ‘handsfree’ DECT type of telephone around the property, or even when your’e doing the gardening. No longer will you need to leave notes on your front door saying that you are ’round the back’, and now you can catch that home delivery and re-direct them to a neighbour using your mobile phone or if you get a spontaneous visit from a friend.

Lock-Release Integration

Comfort provides straight forward ability to control a lock-release using any of the 12v outputs along with our relay module (RGR05). Comfort can be configured to pulse or hold-on the lock release for a period of 20ms to 18 hours! The Doorphone Menu offers one-touch control of this relay output via key 7(Open Door) and 4(To Open Gate) while speaking to the visitor using the keypad intercom or from the local or remote telephone and may provide access control when sited at the gate at the end of a driveway.

Cable Requirements:
Doorphones should be wired in 8-core screened cable (min.) or screened CAT5 cable each running separately back to the Comfort Ultra CPU where the DM02 can be sited. Each doorphone is addressable from 1- 3 using jumpers on the DM02. If more than 3 keypads are to be used, a supplementary power supply should be fitted. Fixing plugs and screws
are provided.


PL41P – Farfisa Profilo Door Station Unit Audio-Color Camera
PL71 – Farfisa Profilo Door Station Unit Backbox
PL81 – Farfisa Profilo Door Station Unit Hood Cover
RGR05 – Comfort Door Station Universal Ringer Module
DM02 – Comfort Door Station Module PCB
TT1801 – Power Adaptor 18V UK/EU for Farfisa door station camera units

Additional Information

Weight 3000 g


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